Poetry from the world and within

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A poem gathered while ‘stepping away’

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A Vagabond Voices writing and living prompt

Photo by author: what happens when I leave my desk for inspiration — 20 minutes walk…

My invitation to you: Get out, away from the desk, wander — near, far, it doesn’t matter…

Places surprise us, people surprise us.

Micro-stories and people watching at the lake

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Woman in the Rocks

The rock lumped behind her head, flesh piled in rounded river stones, water rippling at the pebbles of her toes. Once upon a time, they asked her if she would still go sunbathing with that belly. If not now, when? Many floods later, body piled by the boulders, grandchildren floating in the blue. The answer is still the right one.

Valkyries Cycling

Sweat rising, early sun, braids hang from helmets, they dive down the rutted road on studded wheels, spokes cracking. I hear their song and sing it inside me: Fear strikes us all, when it slaps you, don’t curl forward. Lean…

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I believe in creative seasons and, to me, this is the season of the body.

Every year, I like to come around a kind of circle that starts with a deep winter of…

Poetry, flavors, and the past

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A Vagabond Voices living and writing prompt.

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My invitation to you: find a recipe from your past, a memory, a feeling…

Mix, shake, stir,
and bring us your dish
or drink, or poem…collage,
musings, ramblings.

The Book Behind the Prompt.

Yes, there is…

Microfiction and daydreams from the country.

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Trisha Traughber

Immigrant, bilingual, mother, teacher, book-worm, writer. Life is better when we create - together.

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