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  • Giedre P.

    Giedre P.

    Writing. Books. Languages. Music. Photography. Wildlife. She/her. Cofounder of Madrid Bookie. Literary gifts at Tindleer and Quotes & Co. twitter.com/giedrep

  • Lilit A. Sargsyan

    Lilit A. Sargsyan

    Lilit Sargsyan is an academic intensivist trying to find moments of peace in nature. On twitter @lilitdoc

  • Gun Roswell

    Gun Roswell

    Located in Espoo, Finland. I am getting my daily bread from IT, but in my heart, I am a storyteller and a pix-snapper. My other blog: gunroswell.wordpress.com.

  • Angie Elle

    Angie Elle

    Writer, Philosopher, Blogger

  • Niet van der Zand

    Niet van der Zand

    words often hidden from ones inner self

  • Anastasia S. Manyonga

    Anastasia S. Manyonga

    Love and respect for human rights. What else could be best? Reach me at sephimanyonga@gmail.com

  • Charlene Fate

    Charlene Fate

    Inspired to unite. charlenefatemedium@gmail.com

  • Mathias Barra

    Mathias Barra

    French polyglot speaking 6 languages. Writer. Helping you learn languages. Get my new ebook → https://linktr.ee/MathiasBarra

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