Hi Kamga, I’ve been mulling this over and wanted to come back and mention a few things. First, the number of times I’ve been feeling just…blah. Like I can’t keep going and then I open up a piece like this on Medium and realize that maybe I can keep going…and then I write something, reach out to someone. I think it was Margaret Atwood who said writing is a hopeful business. So anyway, thanks for being a great influence on me. You’re so right too about writing on any platform not being about the claps, likes, page views or dollars. When I read people complaining about those metrics, I sometimes wonder if they’ve missed the relationships that are kind of the buried treasure in all of this. As I read this, I can’t help thinking that you’ve got a pretty big collection here and a very timely and interesting topic that’s relevant to a lot of people…are you thinking of writing a book someday? Maybe that’s a personal question :) But something to consider. Best wishes for 2019!

Immigrant, bilingual, mother, teacher, book-worm, writer. Life is better when we create - together.

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